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Fundacja Jolanty i Leszka Czarneckich

Welcome to Jolanta and Leszek Czarnecki’s Foundation website

We are a non-government non-profit organisation dealing with the broadly-conceived help for children and youth and, in particular cases, with other forms of charitable activity.
We inaugurated our activity in Wrocław in 2007, and ever since we are one of the few foundations in Poland basing its activity in 99 percent on private capital transferred by Jolanta i Leszek Czarneckich. Until the mid-2014, the founders assigned more than PLN 56 million for this purpose and capital investment profits were earmarked for statutory activity. So far, the Foundation has spent more than PLN 14 million.
Goals of the Foundation:
1. Action in favour of children and youth harmed in effect of injuries and illnesses and helping them to become independent.  
2. Support of remarkably talented representatives of the young generation thanks to the financing of scholarship programmes (scientific and social).
3. Help for children and youth in difficult life and material situation through the realisation of the idea of equalling chances.

Fundacja Jolanty i Leszka Czarneckich
ul. Gwiaździsta 66, 53-413 Wrocław
tel. 71 782 60 61, e-mail: biuro@fundacjajlc.pl